Myths of Hawai'i and its gods and goddesses, legends of spirits and demigods, stories of mystery and hauntings. We’ve made some schedule changes and dropped the prices just for the Halloween season!


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Please note that all of our visits to these sacred and beloved sites are done with the utmost respect. At Mysteries of Hawai'i, we do not employ "scare tactics." There is no one hiding in the bushes to frighten you, we don't pretend to see things that are not there, we do not "create hype" where there is none. Everything that happens (or does not happen) depends entirely on you, who have chosen to experience the Mysteries of Hawai'i.

For all of Mysteries of Hawai'i's Experiences:

  • Attendance is at your own risk

  • Some tours are not suitable for children under 15 years old, please use your discretion

  • Cameras are welcome

  • A sweater and sturdy footwear are highly recommended (no high heels)