We are excited to announce the release of our first Mysteries of Hawai'i t-shirt, Pono. This will be the first in the series "Kaheāwai."  

Kaheāwai.  It's literal translation is "to flow like water." Water is an important part of Hawaiian life and its ebb & flow is indicative of most poetic chants that extolled the symbolic virtues of the life-giving waters of Kane.  Mysteries of Hawai'i lives Kaheāwai because it is our way of having faith and determination like flowing water.

ON THE FRONT is Mysteries of Hawaii's personal design: 

A diagonal stripe of half black and half white triangles with alternating triangles in their centers that crosses the border of converging white and black spaces.  

The design represents the balance in life that is so important to Hawaiians; Ku & Hina, Male & Female, Light and Dark, Good and Bad.  

In all things, there must be balance.


ON THE BACK, the statement "Ka pono o ka mana'o me ka 'uhane" sits in bold, white letters over a line of thin triangles with the translation in English below-  The balance of the mind with the spirit.

As stated above, in all things, there must be balance.  In the midst of our work, the things we do, the places we go and the people we meet, our minds must be in balance with our spirits.  Without balance, the work we do cannot be Pono.  

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