Mysteries of Hawaii is Hawaii’s Original Ghost Tours and Chicken Skin Tours. Established in 1997 as a part of Glen Grant’s famous Haunted Hawaiian tours, helping to set the stage for all other ghost tours in Honolulu, on Oahu and across the Hawaiian Islands. Native Hawaiian Owned and Operated, Lopaka Kapanui's Mysteries of Hawaii is the realest, most exciting Historical and Haunted Ghost Tours of Hawaii.

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We specialize in large groups (we’ve done a walking tour for more than 200 guests); Tour Groups, Businesses, School Field Trips & Project Graduations, Storytelling Concerts. *No group is too large.


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Myths of Hawaii and its gods and goddesses, legends of ghosts, spirits and demigods, stories of mystery and hauntings... let Lopaka show you a glimpse of his world, where the paranormal becomes the norm.


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A good ghost story seeps into the pores of your skin and lives in your nightmares for a long time to come. Imagine what 13 horrific ghost stories can do? Attend this unique ghost tour that honors Obon, the time when the dead walk among the living. Witness for yourself the way that we honor the season by telling 13 nightmarish ghost stories by 13 eerie blue lights. The atmosphere by which we conduct this ghost tour will be eerie enough, can you imagine seeing a ghost right front you after the last ghost story is told? Check out our Friday the 13th Ghost Tour!

In addition to bringing guests on some of the scariest Ghost Tours on the island, Lopaka's talents include Storytelling Events, Lectures, Daytime Historical Tours and Private Tours. Custom Tours are also available!

Hawai'i, and 'O'ahu especially, is a fusion of different cultures with customs rooted in the values and traditions of their native lands combined with that of the Native Hawaiian people and the land on which they live.  Such a remarkable mix of people in this island environment has created an abundance of unique stories from all walks of life. 

Before becoming a world-class destination, before ghost tours, before outside visitors... the islands of Hawai‘i were steeped in oral traditions of shape shifting beings in the upland forests or waterfalls which were inhabited by a translucent force that dragged young men into their dark depths in order to suck the spiritual life out of them. Even King Kamehameha found it necessary to appease the very gods themselves in order to secure victory in his campaign to bring the Hawaiian archipelago under one rule. 

Hawaiian deities and spirits aren’t the only things residing in this island paradise. Here is also where the Japanese dog demons, the inu-gami, are sent to ruin the lives of unsuspecting families. Here is where the Filipino vampire-like creature, the aswang, roams in search of her next victim. And here is where the Portuguese witch, the feiteceira, spins her spells and curses at her whim. Rich in culture and traditions, these islands are overflowing with stories of ghosts and hauntings, creatures and curses.

Beyond the cool, blue waters and balmy trade winds of our idealistic paradise is the thin veil which separates our world from the place where shadows talk back. Spirits, Ghosts, Legends, Facts... Experience the Hawaii most don't see everyday.


Myths of Hawaii and its gods and goddesses, legends of ghosts, spirits and demigods, stories of mystery and hauntings... let Lopaka show you a glimpse of his world, where the paranormal becomes the norm.


With such a rich, cultural history, chances are that, in our small community, at least one person in nearly every household has had some kind of supernatural, "chicken skin" occurence. Welcome to Ghosts Next Door.


Places to Go:  Around our island, even within the city itself, you'll see examples of an ancient heritage and also a not-so-distant past.  Discover our island and experience the fundamental difference between the modern and ancient world.

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The Inugami, also known as the Japanese Dog-Demon is believed to be the maleficent spirit of a dog that is used to do it’s master’s bidding for all time, including possessing those of weak mind. There are numerous legends of inugami possession and sightings in Hawaii, including what was considered an “outbreak” of inugami possession on Kauai. Get yours before they’re gone!

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We believe it is our duty, as humans, to come to the aid of those in distress. Giving brings us closer to creating the world that we want to live in, a world we can leave to our children. There is a suggestion - and a confirmation by those who give often - that giving to others is directly correlated with an increased sense of happiness. Join us. Support a Cause. 

Kaheawai - Our exclusive t-shirt, only available through Mysteries of Hawai'i

Kaheawai - Our exclusive t-shirt, only available through Mysteries of Hawai'i

Please note that all of our ghost tours and visits to these sacred and beloved sites are done with the utmost respect. At Mysteries of Hawai'i, we do not employ "scare tactics." There is no one hiding in the bushes to frighten you, we don't pretend to see things that are not there, we do not "create hype" where there is none. Everything that happens (or does not happen) depends entirely on you, who have chosen to experience the Mysteries of Hawai'i.

For all of Mysteries of Hawai'i's Experiences:

Attendance is at your own risk
Some tours are not suitable for children under 15 years old, please use your discretion
Cameras are welcome
A sweater and sturdy footwear are highly recommended (no high heels)