Lend a Helping Hand


How can you help?

To be clear, Mysteries of Hawai‘i is NOT directly raising money for these causes. We are simply sharing our belief in helping one another and helping to hopefully point people in the right direction.

With the so many natural disasters happening, many of us wonder how we can help. Whether you have family and friends that are affected or feel a natural empathy towards those who are suffering, most of us are unable to “up and go” to be physically there to lend a helping hand. We reach for our wallets, instead, to help those families in need.

We’ve all heard of bogus charities and donation sites set up fraudulently, and we’ve all heard the horror stories of “big name” charities that seem to funnel the money collected into someone’s pocket. It makes us wary. It makes us jaded. Wading through all of these groups seeking donations is quite a daunting thought. You want to make sure your money is well spent on the children and families and pets and neighborhoods that you want to help. We all do.


If you are interested in helping out locally, please take a moment to view some of the helpers here in Hawai'i that are close to our hearts. These are smaller organizations that do not qualify in annual income to be rated by Charity Navigator. They do, however, do awesome work.


Malama Kaua‘i - Assisting with flood relief efforts and supporting the people of Kaua‘i through ‘aina, community, and culture
Hawai‘i Community Foundation - Supporting the recovery efforts of those affected by the Kilauea volcano eruption
Project Hawai‘i Inc - Enhancing the lives of homeless and poverty-stricken keiki in Hawai‘i

Charity Navigator, a nonprofit that vets charities based on their tax filings, released a list of highly rated nonprofits directly helping hurricane victims. We follow their lead and recommend researching the organization you’re interested in before donating.

We’ve posted some that personally resonate with us here and encourage you to check them out. Mind you, these are definitely not all of the charities that are doing great work and these are not even all of the charities that we donate to. But these are examples of a few that are on the ground NOW, helping people. Each organization listed holds at least a three-star rating (out of four) after reviews of its finances, accountability and transparency. Most earned four stars.

All Hands Volunteers
Best Friends Animal Society
Children’s Hunger Fund
Feeding America
Save the Children

For more information on Charity Navigator, check out their website here.

We believe it is our duty, as humans, to come to the aid of those in distress. Giving brings us closer to creating the world that we want to live in, a world we can leave to our children. There is a suggestion - and a confirmation by those who give often - that giving to others is directly correlated with an increased sense of happiness. Join us. Support a Cause.


Lopaka & Tanya Kapanui