Mysteries of Hawaii's Chicken Skin at Paradise Park

Chicken Skin... the memory of yesteryear, a paranormal paradise, that invisible touch.  Goosebumps, heebie-jeebies, the creeps.  What brings you to Chicken Skin?  Come with me as we explore the haunted places and mysteries of Hawai'i and experience our own Chicken Skin Nights...

With the spirit of fun and perhaps spirits of fright, we'll take a jaunt across the threshold of time. Take the journey with me and discover secrets of ghosts long passed. Although we respectfully agreed not to advertise the names of the sites we will visit this year, you won't be disappointed.  Three nights a week in three different places - one each night, thirty-or-so of our friends and one storyteller.


Thursday, October 30th  --  Is that laughter? Applause? The pitter-patter of dancing feet? It's been said this place is not always quiet when the lights go out. 

Fridays, October 31st  --  Is this special place haunted by the prestigious previous owners? We've had some odd feelings and some very interesting pictures turn up here. What'll happen when you join us?


This is the last week for our Chicken Skin Nights!  All three places are not used to having visitors at night.  As I've stated before, I agreed not to advertise the names of these places we'll be visiting but trust me, you've never seen them like this before.

Check out the article "Hawaii Is Haunted" at Perfect Days Hawaii

Check out the article "Hawaii Is Haunted" at Perfect Days Hawaii

We meet on the steps of the Hawaii State Library at 6:45pm.  Bus leaves promptly at 7pm.

  • $40 per person

  • Bring a flashlight

  • Cameras are welcome

  • Wear sturdy, comfortable walking shoes (NO high heels)

  • A sweater or jacket is recommended

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