Mysteries of Hawaii - Oahu's original ghost tours - Waikiki ke one kapu - ainahau


Since first offering this experience as a private tour several years ago and then opening it to the public more recently, we’ve had several requests to make this a regular tour and so… here we are!

Anywhere you go, you may encounter a few urban legends; stories sound like they might be true and seem to circulate over and over through the years. They can be humorous or horrific but they all seem to have happened to the storyteller’s relative or a friend of a friend. Bloody Mary, the hitchhiker with the hook for a hand, the couple who runs out of gas and the boyfriend disappears… all common stories that have made their way around the world.

Even Hawaii has its share of urban legends that seem to have gained quite a following, Morgan’s Corner, the girl skipping rope along the highway, the woman in the jogging suit. Come with us as we visit a few of these purportedly haunted sites, including the infamous Morgan’s Corner. We’ll separate fact from fiction and learn the real story behind some of these haunted tales.

$55 per person

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