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Mysteries of Hawaii presents Spirit & Soul Medium, Paul Smith

Saturday, October 15

Paradise Park Meeting Rooms; 3737 Manoa Road, Honolulu, HI

Time:  7:00pm

We're sorry, this event is sold out.  Please visit our October 2016 calendar page or Tours page for other events.

Mysteries of Hawaiʻi presents Psychic Medium, Paul Smith.

In this job, I’ve met many gifted people. Over the years, I’ve learned how to quickly sort the charlatans or misguided self-proclaimed “sensitives” and the legitimate psychic. Upon our very first meeting, it became clear that Paul Smith is the real deal. Over the next few years, we would become closer than friends, we became family.

Paul D. Smith calls himself a reluctant psychic. Having had abilities his entire life but forced to repress them as a child, he grudgingly confronted them as an adult. His abilities were brought front and center after serious illness and near-death experiences. Paul chose to embrace his enhanced abilities and seeks to understand why he was given them and what purpose they serve.

Together, with his wife of nearly 30 years, they team as psychic medium and “spiritual stenographer” trying to help understand a fraction of the unknown and communicate with spirits who have shared this world with us in the past. It’s their goal not to change people’s beliefs but to open their minds to other possibilities.

Come see what Paul has to say on Saturday, October 15th, at the Paradise Park meeting rooms.

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