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Hawaii ParaCon Event - Saturday Night Investigation

Hosted by Mysteries of Hawai'i and The GRANT Society


 Kukahi Investigation by Mysteries of Hawaii and The GRANT Society

Kukahi is the moon phase on this night. It is believed that things built during this time will stand firm on a strong foundation. Let us, then, raise the vibration and build a foundation of trust and friendship and go forth with clear intent. 

In a valley where it is claimed that the very gods themselves dwelled and where Night Marchers are seen as a long procession of torchlights traveling among the living, we will conduct our investigation at an undisclosed location.* This is a place thick with energy and that resonates with Hawaii's people. We assure you that you won't regret it and that you won't soon forget it.

This investigation is $50 per person and is not included in the VIP or General Admission cost.

You're welcome to join us whether you attend the Hawaii ParaCon or not!


*Once your payment is complete through PayPal, the address of the location will be texted to you