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Ghosts of the Old 'Ewa Plains


Our kupuna tell us that the 'Ewa Plains, the land that stretches from Pearl Harbor to Wai'anae, was once teeming with life.  This was long before modern development, ages before the sugar cane fields.  On this expanse of emerged coral, Hawaiians grew a variety of crops for nourishment, such as 'ulu, liliko'i, niu and mai'a, and they used the sinkholes as natural planters for dry land kalo, temporary shelters, storage and sources of water.

However, our kupuna also confirm a motion that was submitted in an affidavit presented to the Land Use Commission stating that the general area of the central 'Ewa Plains is the land of "Wandering Spirits" and "Nightmarchers" and that the restless spirits become a problem for many recent developments in the area.  The concern was that unsettled spirits that remain in the area cause unwanted paranormal activities to plague development projects and that the surrounding localities will become by the displaced spirits.

Is it just superstition or is there something to what our elders tell us?  On Saturday, I'll show you a few spots that stand out in Hawaiian history and a few spots that are said to be haunted, I'll share with you the stories of people who've had the unfortunate experience of being haunted and then you can decide for yourself.

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Later Event: March 3