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Lives of the Dead

  • Kawaiahao Church Cemetery 957 Punchbowl Street Honolulu, HI, 96813 United States (map)

Mysteries of Hawai'i & Paul Smith walk you through Kawaiaha'o Cemetery

The stately tomb of King William Charles Lunalilo

The stately tomb of King William Charles Lunalilo

Let’s consider that the most traumatic events that take place in a cemetery are not otherworldly, but very human. Families look on at a graveside service as the remains of their loved ones are committed to the earth for all eternity. Who haunts a cemetery?  Is it the dead or is it the living?  Is it true that the dead need the living in order to communicate? If so, what are they trying to tell us?

Join us on February 3rd as my psychic brother, Paul Smith, and I take you on a nighttime walk through Kawaiaha’o Church Cemetery.  I will share stories of a few of it’s inhabitants while Paul relays the messages that come through.  

$30 per person

Paul Smith & Lopaka Kapanui

Paul Smith & Lopaka Kapanui

In this job, I’ve met many gifted people. Over the years, I’ve learned how to quickly sort the charlatans or misguided, self-proclaimed “sensitives” and the legitimate psychic. Upon our very first meeting, it became clear that Paul Smith is the real deal. Over the next few years, we would become closer than friends, we became family.

Paul D. Smith calls himself a reluctant psychic. Having had abilities his entire life but forced to repress them as a child, he grudgingly confronted them as an adult. His abilities were brought front and center after serious illness and near-death experiences. Paul chose to embrace his enhanced abilities and seeks to understand why he was given them and what purpose they serve.

Together, with his wife of nearly 30 years, they team up as psychic medium and “spiritual stenographer” trying to help understand a fraction of the unknown and communicate with spirits who have shared this world with us in the past. It’s their goal not to change people’s beliefs but to open their minds to other possibilities.

Please note that all of our visits to these sacred and beloved sites are done with the utmost respect. At Mysteries of Hawai'i, we do not employ "scare tactics." There is no one hiding in the bushes to frighten you, we don't pretend to see things that are not there, we do not "create hype" where there is none. Everything that happens (or does not happen) depends entirely on you, who have chosen to experience the Mysteries of Hawai'i.

For all of Mysteries of Hawai'i's Experiences:

  • Attendance is at your own risk
  • Some tours are not suitable for children under 15 years old, please use your discretion
  • Cameras are welcome
  • A sweater and sturdy footwear are highly recommended (no high heels)
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