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Hawai'i, and 'O'ahu especially, is a fusion of different cultures with customs rooted in the values and traditions of their native lands combined with that of the Native Hawaiian people and the land on which they live.  Such a remarkable mix of people in this island environment has created an abundance of unique stories from all walks of life.  Beyond the cool, blue waters and balmy trade winds of our idealistic paradise is the thin veil which separates our world from the place where shadows talk back.

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SPECIAL EVENTS for Mysteries of Hawai'i, Oahu's Original Ghost Tours and Chicken Skin Tours, including Storytelling Events, Lectures, Daytime Historical Tours and Private Tours. Customer Tours are also available!


Myths of Hawaii and its gods and goddesses, legends of ghosts, spirits and demigods, stories of mystery and hauntings... let Lopaka show you a glimpse of his world, where the paranormal becomes the norm.


With such a rich, cultural history, chances are that, in our small community, at least one person in nearly every household has had some kind of supernatural, "chicken skin" occurence. Welcome to Ghosts Next Door.


Places to Go:  Around our island, even within the city itself, you'll see examples of an ancient heritage and also a not-so-distant past.  Discover our island and experience the fundamental difference between the modern and ancient world.

Kaheawai - Our exclusive t-shirt, only available through Mysteries of Hawai'i

Kaheawai - Our exclusive t-shirt, only available through Mysteries of Hawai'i